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Pets are good for us


The rewarding connection between people and their pets stretches further than simply putting a smile on our face – robust research demonstrates that pet ownership is of real value to our health too. Young children with pets can benefit from a lower frequency of asthma and some allergies, while older children gain a stronger immune system, resulting in fewer days off school sick. Not just children benefit from pet ownership – older people with pets, on average, make 21 per cent fewer visits to their doctors too.

The Pet Charity exists to spread awareness about the benefits of pet ownership and to increase pet welfare through education and research. The Charity runs campaigns such as Pets in Schools, encouraging children to learn about the responsibilities involved in pet care and helping teachers to fund a classroom pet through a voucher-based scheme. Alongside this, we commission research projects, which informs our campaigns and media work too.


Too many animal charities focus on the suffering of pets, but the majorty of the UK’s pets live long, healthy and happy lives – bringing real joy and companionship to their owners lives. Almost half of us share their home with a pet, and here at The Pet Charity we believe more should be done to raise awareness of how pets are good for our health and wellbeing. If more of us are aware of how pets benefit our lives, more can be done to educate the public about providing for all their pet’s needs.

Our research and campaigns cannot happen without your support. You can donate to The Pet Charity through PayPal or by simply texting 70070 with the amount you wish to donate and TPTC30 – such as ‘TPTC30 £5’.