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The pet industry is represented by various Trade Associations, formed to address member companies’ interests, communicate with those in authority and in some cases lobby for changes in regulation. For any pet related business or indeed pet owner who wishes to understand more fully the role of these organisations or their member companies, we recommend the following organisation websites:

BSAVA – The British Small Animal Veterinary Association
BVA – The British Veterinary Association
NOAH – The National Office for Animal Health
OATA – The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association
PETQUIP – The International Trade Association of Pet Equipment Suppliers
PFMA – The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association
PIF – The Pet Industry Federation (formerly the Pet Care Trade Association)
PPRA – The Pet Product Retail Association

We also recommend that if any pet owner wishes to understand more fully a particular company’s products or activities, contact that company’s customer service department or study their website. This should also indicate whether that company is a member of the relevant trade association.

The Pet Charity recommends pet owners deal with companies that are a member of a trade association, as this indicates that they have signed up to the relevant trade association code of conduct and also that there exists a body to offer further recourse should issues arise with products or services.

The pet industry has directly funded many charities over the years either through individual companies’ programmes, or by donating funds from the relevant trade association. One such charity was the Pet Care Trust (PCT) and received its funding from (what was then) the Pet Care Trade Association. The PCT’s charitable aim was to educate the public in the proper care of their pets and to this end used funds to produce free care guides, to support an educational website and to attend events. In 2014 the decision was taken to re-launch the PCT with an enhanced charitable remit; to continue the goal of properly educating the public to ensure the welfare of their pets, but also to promote research into the positive health and welfare benefits that pets deliver to society. At the same time, the charity was renamed The Pet Charity and all specific links to the PCTA were ended; this included revisions to the Memorandum and Articles of Association, changes to the structure of the Board of Trustees and due notification to the Charities Commission.

The Pet Charity’s work continues to demonstrate that pets are good for us and in this often busy and stressful world, offer social and emotional support as well as contributing to a healthier nation. With this in mind we will bring this message to the public and those in authority and will campaign to permit greater access to pets. We will continue to seek funding from industry bodies as well as sponsorship from specific companies and donation from the public.